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eBike battery Pack Build
I'm rebuilding a dead eBike battery. I tried to document everything when I disassembled it, but I missed one side of 1 row. I think I did it right, but before I go any further I thought I would ask here.

The batteries lay flat and are connected from end to end.

Here is a link to the layout

Here is a link to the photos I took.

What are the specs for the battery pack you made?

configuration ( ?P?S?  )
current capability and needs?
what is the current per cell?

It looks like you made 4 11.1 volt cells . Each cell is composed of 5 in parallel 3 in series. (3S5P). Is that correct?

output was about (11.1 X 3), = 44 volts and i couldn't possibly gauge the output.

Im confused about why you might do it that way you did?,  making 4  series/parallel blocks? .


Lithium ion experimenter. It started as a hobby and now im trying to find a business case for li-ion. I would love to hear what you all think of my designs etc. Im in Toronto Canada and would also like to start making runs to the USA to buy cells and packs. Is there anyone in Ontario that wants to make an order?

Mmm i don't understand your "schematic" but if what i deduce from the pictures is correct then it's a 10s4p and the wiring should be something like that :

Note that for easy schematics you can use the free LTspice (among many others)

Edit : wrong picture
Thanks for the input I’ll look at the specs and I will look at the schematic I will post what I find.

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