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hello from london - UK
Hi All,

Been following DIYPowerwall on Facebook and HBPowerwall on YouTube,

And so far i have a dozen or so laptop batteries, and An Opus 3100 charger.

Slow processing as I'm not home much and not trusting charging alone just yet. - only tested 4 cells, and unpacked two batteries - 8 more cell's ready to test.

Just playing around with setting up a database to record battery types, cells, pre test post test but not had much time to dedicate to either yet.

Planning on collecting and testing for the next year or two as i have nowhere solid to mount solar panels at present. Idea is to be ready when i do have panels to connect up my powerwall to be!

lots of reading and understanding still to do!
Welcome! Great group of people here, so have fun on your powerwall journey.
Welcome from just outside the M25...
And a Hi from Essex. There's a few of us around
Wise not to leave your cells un-attended, welcome bud thanks for joining up
Arrow Opus Dischargers - Definitely my choice pick for dischargers

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