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how is this 16s still 48v ?

AFAK 13s is 48v batterypack > ?

is this advert just a typo ? 

my ebike battery pack no longer charges its stuck @ 49v and will not charge to 54v anymore 

so wanting to tear it down and rebuild with a BMS I can obtain per cell voltage details etc so i can swap out failing cells 

looking for a BMS thats Android or linux compatible software 

I am also tempted in re-building with a higher voltage system 

and this 16s might be usable for future proofing ?
Lithium Iron Phosphate, or LiFePo4 cells. These have a different voltage range.

3.4V is nominal instead of 3.7 like Lithium Cobalt (the cells found in power tools and laptop packs)

3.7 * 14 = 51.8
3.4 * 16 = 54.4

So yeah, it's right Wink

Fixed your link. And in your post you say 13s instead of 16s, which I will assume is a typo as you used the number pad Tongue
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3.2v nominal for lifepo4 I thought

3.2 x 16=51.2

later floyd
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Yeah actually it's 3.2V for lithium iron phosphate (also called LiFe, LiFePO, LiFePO4 or LFP). That's why you need 16x3.2 for a total 51.2V with LFP while it's 14x3.7 = 51.8V with the other lithium ion chemistries.
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