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iCharger or clone?
(04-17-2018, 05:31 AM)daromer Wrote: Geek: The 2 turnigy that i have had and also several friends have broken down after some years of abuse. Same behaviour and looks the same inside as a B6 clone in terms of quality.
With that said I have many other RC friends just using them fine.

The Antimatter is in same league as the Turnigy and yes they are pretty darn close to the cheaper iCharger.
Personally for me the the DUO series of the iCharger is what I would choose from Smile Totally different.

End result: You would most likely be happy with what ever you choose for some simple testing and charging.

I was looking at the Turnigy Reaktor. I was looking to get a device with logview support. My chargers do get a hell of a workout, as I charge everything.

The DUO is miles out of my price range. The price difference between the iCharger 106, 206 and 208 compared to the equivalent Reaktor is not enough to warrant the cheaper device.

Although Charsoon Antimatter is almost half the price. It is difficult to look past it.

All said, my chargers do get quite a bit of abuse. I really think it may be worth spending the extra in the first place.
The 3010b is double the price (eur220,-) of the 1000w turnigy and charsoon (eur 105), which is from my point of view not negligible.

They seem to be the same with different label only. Or do i see something wrong?
In my experience I can't recommend clones. My b6ac just stopped working some days ago after very little use.
(04-17-2018, 07:15 AM)Charly144 Wrote: The 3010b is double the price (eur220,-) of the 1000w turnigy and charsoon (eur 105), which is from my point of view not negligible.

They seem to be the same with different label only. Or do i see something wrong?

Not necessarily, clones can range from poorly reverse engineered copies, to almost identical. Indeed sometimes even superior products.

Also your prices are from local warehouses. Australian warehouse stock costs more. Or postage from China is prohibitively expensive.

The Charsoon is literally half the price. However, if it proved to be to inferior then I am $75 AUD down the drain.
Yep, obviously depends on where you live. Spending 75 aud more does make sense and I know that the original usually makes sense...

In my case it developed with the disappointment over the roobe thing and I didn‘t wanna spend much more...

It‘s never a fault to go for the original and my original 208b is perfect!!!
Geek for normal use i would have gone with Turnigy or the antimatter for normal day to day. Especially if the money is the factor.

Im what they call us here where I live "Snål Smålänning" (Google it)

Translated to English its "Stingy Smålänning" where Smålänning is the word for people living in Småland that is an area in Sweden Tongue Its not a myth either. Its true that we are cheap ass people in real life.
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Turnigy has so many different series of products I think it’s important to list which one.  I have the Accucell and its basically a $20 US charger that is probably no different than the B6 clone.

I have never owned the Reaktor series, but have done plenty of reading on it.  At one point it appeared to either be an OEM or a clone/copy of the 206B series of iCharger.  I saw some threads where some people were even installing iCharger firmware on it… but the later reviews show that is no longer the case.  Not sure what the history of that product is, but I would be aware of it before jumping into one.  I would love to see a side by side comparison though the menus with actual testing.

The DUO series of iCharger is their flagship product… that itself is a full blown battery workstation.  The smaller iCharger units share a lot of things with it from a feature standpoint, but the current handling and display of the DUO is something else.

FMA Powerlab is also another premier product to consider.

I learned from my own experience: just because something looks similar, doesn't mean that it is.  There is a world of difference between an Accucell 6 and a 206B, but there is also a massive difference in price.  I think even charger are not immune to the "you get what you pay for" tagline.  That said, both charge cells just fine, it's only when you really dig into the settings, specs, and features you see the separation.  If money is tight, just get what you can afford.

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So, I promised feedback on the turnigy reaktor 1000w. Long story short, I‘m sending it back.

Why: it does not support cycle mode nor does it support some kind of capacity testing for lipo/liion. According to the user manual on hobbyking homepage it should have a cycle functionality and when i look for it it is not there. I had a chat with support and they confirmed, that manual is based on an older version (firmware) which is not available anymore and new version does not have cycle mode, because usually you don‘t need it...

I did some googling and i found out, that charsoon antimatter do have a different firmware (same functionality as icharger) and there cycle mode is available.

What did I do, I ordered a charsoon antimatter 300w on aliexpress which does 20A, same as my icharger 208b. The 1000w version was not available on aliexpress and all other platforms are way more expensive...

If you go for a clone, charsoon seems to be a good choice.

I‘ll keep you posted when the antimatter arives... in 3-5 weeks time ;-)

So, I ended up with the 300w Antimatter. First impression is good. Features I really like include being able to turn off the key beeps and completion beeps.

I have yet to retrieve a log and examine it with logview. However I do have a few saved.

It does not seem to perform a constant current discharge. The current tapers off as the cell voltage drops off.

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