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iSDT D2 balance charger -- does it share negatives on outputs?
Hello happy people.

I am VERY happy with my iSDT D2 balance charger (stock picture below).  It has TWO output channels, up to 6s on each.

Recently, I have upgraded my esk8 battery.  This is mainly to prepare for going to a 4WD setup, which requires more power than my first battery can provide.

v1 was soldered, and made of harvested laptop cells -- sucky green sony's! ; )  -- which I split into two 5s packs.  This enabled fast balance charging with the D2, without much hassle.  IE just unplug the battery(s) from the loom, and plug them into the D2.  I also had a DPDT switch to flip it from 10s to 5s config so that I could use it for field charging my LiPo's for drones etc, as 10s is too hot for my DC chargers to run off.

v2 is spotwelded --  locked in a 10s config.  I am reluctant to use the same DPDT switch method on this battery, as it needs to be able to pass 60A continuous, and that would melt/destroy most switches.

so ........ I am considering using the D2, by tapping the interconnect between fifth and sixth cell/s ... IE the +ve on channel 1 would be still connected to the -ve on channel 2 when charging, instead of the previous arrangement whereby they would be seperated.

my question is this:  anyone know if this is possible, IE will my D2 fry??

normally Id just try it ... iSDT make pretty robust chargers (other than the Q6 which is ... prone to blowing up on me, if surges happen).  but with >40V potential I am very concerned about capacitors etc that might only be rated to <32V (its only a 6s charger afterall).

I would appreciate any replies to clearly state if they are speaking from experience, or ... I am just hoping that between the 6000+ forum members here that someone has D2 experience.  I do aim to post the results/answer here, once I have something further to report.  TIA to all.
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Wont work. Its shared negative. If it blows or not im not sure. Same with for instance my iCharger where it have shared ground. The iCharger will not blow up but it will complain loudly about issues.

Use XT60 or XT90 contacts on the battery so you can split it up or buy a proper 10s charger.
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