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limit curent to motor
hi i have build replacement batteies for my gardena Hedge-trimmer former Nimh 12v now li ion 14,8. they have a 4s2p 18650 configuration with a 4s BMS for 10A. It worked pretty well until a bigger branch got caught in the blades and stalled the motor. then the bms gave up. the motor is a 12v dc motor i assume brushed the tool is pretty old 10-15 years at least but it works very well and can saw trough bigger branches. is there an option to limit the current to the motor when stalled normal working current is between 2.5-6 A
thanks for your ideas
Thats what a decent BMS do. Get one that can handle over current properly.
The old setup then the batteries it self did limit the current.

A power tool motor can easily draw HUGE loads so first of all I hope you did high current cells? Power tools are hungry and they work so much better if they can get what they need.
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