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more local storage - room by room
The second of the local lithium stores that are designed to only charge when the central Lead Acid house battery is fully charged.

The #2 is going to be in the outhouse (pun intended) with all the electronics built in, with an allowance for an external simple 5S module to be patched in later.

Charging is via a DPS8005 that is switched on via a relay from the main battery control room, so it is only ever pulling spare power, but the battery is taking over the load of the outhouse pumps, fans, and light. This is all about taking the load from the Lead Acid battery bank one room or area at a time.

The battery will run into DC converter on the side to give 12V for most outhouse equipment, and 6V for the sensor tap.

So far i've got as far as testing and re-wrapping the cells, and as i'm still waiting for the DPS8005, and breakers, i've begun building into this alarm case, and am getting everything ready for the final parts to arrive.

And i found a useful trick. I entered 86 cells into rePackr for the 80cell build, and ended up with 80 cells and zero divergence.....
That, i shall be doing again!

Total lithium storage
80cell ammo tin running workshop (complete) 571Wh
80cell alarm case running outhouse (this post, and under construction) 612Wh
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very nice. I find that once you have a pack built make sure to test it's capacity. I have seen a couple of my packs that have looked perfect but when you run a discharge you get less capacity than expected. this is usually due to 1 or more cells becoming disconnected.

This has saved me a bunch of time when i put them into service from becoming unbalanced
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(11-21-2018, 07:58 AM)HippyChris Wrote: And i found a useful trick. I entered 86 cells into rePackr for the 80cell build, and ended up with 80 cells and zero divergence.....

great tip, thanks for sharing HippyChris.

I was wondering if you had an update for us, now that parts arrived and time passed etc.  Pictures always appreciated ... feed that gallery!
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