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new guy from midwest usa
Hello Everyone,

I am from Missouri USA and I am working on a pack for an e bike project and if that works out well then i will likely build something builder for a go kart or some sort of project ATV or Golfcart. I am not ready for any powerwall build yet and don't know if it would be worth the effort since energy prices are relatively low in the Midwest. I have already acquired 36 used laptop packs and have been slowly testing 4 cells about 2 times a day. 

I started becoming interested in these builds after watching some you tube videos for quad builds and some mods that used 18650 cells instead of Lipo packs or AA or AAA batteries. I have watched several E-Bikes school videos and like how he shows how to build larger packs with BMS. 

I am sure i will have plenty of questions as i go along. I think I am going the route of 4s10or12P x4 so essentially 16s10P, but I will have 4 smaller packs connected in series so I can charge with a parallel charger from a rc hobby charger. I will be over volting the bike motor a little bit so may just not go WOT very often or find a way to limit the throttle to 75% to keep the motor alive longer.

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