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hello, i live in belgium and i have interest in diy home power battery system.... 
what i have .... 20 solar panels with inverter 

what is possibel to make a power cell and in the and disconnect my house and go offgrid....

here in belgium i thinck i am the first...
There are actually several builders from Belgium. So you're not alone there Wink

It is possible to build one as long as you can afford the materials and labour to put it all together. As far as disconnecting from the grid, I'm not sure but the other Belgium members can clarify that (I say this because I know some locations it's technically illegal to disconnect from the mains once it's established; though, that does not mean you "have" to use the power coming from the mains panel)
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Here you have one of those....  Big Grin

Have fun.
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here also, and you are not alone, several from Belgium, most of them still collecting cells :-)


Here another oneWink
Succes Kurt.

There's also a FB group DIY powerwalls Belgium.....join +300 other Belgian you're definitely not alone.

Hi Kurt, welcome. I'm from the Netherlands so not so far away as well..

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