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singlecells powerwall
Big Grin 
Hello all,
Thought I would start a build thread.  I have been working on collecting cells for a few months now. I currently have about 700 good cells, and looking to create a 14s100p system.
I am lucky enough to have access to lots of free used battery packs from medical equipment. The great thing about them is they have only been used 2-3 years and treated quite well, the downside is that most of the batteries are designed to only power units while being transferred between mains power.

A slightly dated photo of what I have collected sorted into 200mah boxes. The first two which come from my most readily available packs only come in at 1800-2000mah. But free is free I guess. If the current ratio of battery types remain the same I should get an average of 2000mah in each pack.
The yellow bucket is full of cells under 1800mah which I dont plan to use. I now know which battery packs contain these and dont even bother pulling them apart any more. Maybe Ill use them in some smaller projects in the future.
Also collecting a few lifepo4 cells to create a 12v battery pack for camping which are those green 26650 cells.

View of my charging and testing setup. Feel free to ignore the janky wiring of the chargers. I was too excited to build it one afternoon and couldn't wait to go out and buy materials to make something better!!  

I am now starting to look into what solar/inverter/charger setup to get. I am torn between getting a cheap all in one system for an off grid setup like something from MPP Solar, or to get a hybrid inverter that could feed the grid once the battery is charged. The money you get from feeding the grid is pretty low for new installs now, so I doubt it would be worth it, I just can't deal with the thought of that wasted solar energy....
Each time i see a new post of a new build - i think to my self the community has a new baby lol Welcome to the community buddy
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