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slow day / random question
Slow work day today so brain is wandering.  

My project is small right now.  But I started wondering about down the road as it gets bigger.  I started to wonder about things like the big inverters for the house.  I have looked at the MPP solar lv 2424 to do the split phase since I am in the states.  So that's pretty neat.  But I was wondering.  In a scenario like that i would put inverter 1 on leg 1 of my breaker box and inverter 2 on leg 2.  So ok thats all well and good.  Parallel kit makes them out of phase so 240 works.  Great!

However.  I live in FL.  I use on average 65kwh per day.  That's almost 3kw per hour.  During the summer more obviously being that it's like the surface of the sun.  So, lets say I have 2 - 2.6kw inverters.  One on each leg, and I want to add some more capacity.  (here is where i feel dumb) If i bought 2 more, and had a 2 and 2 setup.  Would i wire the 2 that are in parallel (and sync'd via their phase sync) to the same leg?  or is there some other piece of gear I am missing.  

Would it make sense to have a bus bar for each leg and then wire the 2 inverters to that then in to the breaker box?  

No idea if I will ever get that far, but curious about the technology and love understanding this stuff.  So more of just questions on how that works.

Thanks all!
Yes looks like you can parallel up to 9 units Total.  So if you had only 2 phase then up to 4 on one side and 5 on the other

(07-11-2018, 06:00 PM)jdeadman Wrote: Yes looks like you can parallel up to 9 units Total.  So if you had only 2 phase then up to 4 on one side and 5 on the other

Is the understanding of how to hook it to the breaker box ok?  That's the part I am a little lost on in my understanding.
For that you will have to consult a Electrician Depending on where you are

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