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strange request
i have been playing around with building a power wall, ive got 18650's, charge controller, 2 230w solar panels, all fused and hooked up and working. problem is i live in an apartment and for the near future can not install the panels on the roof. (ive gotten permission, just need the man power and the roof is not easily accessible) so ive been playing around with mostly no charge from the 24v panels from the little light threw my window. i would like to be able to do run time test on the packs i have wired up. but i cant wait days to get a 80% charge. i thought of buying a 24v 5a dc power supply, and using it as a solar panel. kinda trick the charger to use it instead. is that possible? this would allow me to do longer test as if my panel was giving me the 8a that its capable of.


Its possible as long as you get a proper CC/CV supply. they have no issues with running as such a source.
And if you dont have a powersupply since before i really like this design:

Link to a search on Ebay for the type I like:

They are good because you can set output to simmulate the solar panel. Just need input source from AC and you are good to go.
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i ended up buying one of these
but it doesnt do anything. if i hook it up it just acts like nothing is hooked up
Most likely because either the power supply shuts down due to overload, if it has OCP, or the controller shuts down because the power supply can't keep the voltage up under the load the controller puts on the power supply. That is why you need a power supply where you can limit the current. The 5 amps on the one you have is just its rated maximum, it isn't limited at 5 amps. Unless it has OCP, but if that triggers, then the power supply is off which obviously doesn't help Smile
Does it only have 2 wires come out of it? If not, one may be a load indicator. Or, you may need to put a resistor between pos/neg to get it to turn on. Not sure of the ohm-age, though
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when i hooked it up and tested for voltage at the pins, i got 24v. but no sign of change with the charger. tested to make sure charger was ok this morning and still accepted solar panels.
im using Sunix 20A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller Charge Regulator Intelligent , USB Port Display Overload Protection Temperature Compensation.

and yes only 2 wires
Have you tried putting a light on it to see if it's working? A regular AC bulb would work, just glow red instead of whitish.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
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if you are  only interested in testing if your packs will take a charge?
looks like you have multiple 4 s battery pack.
Why not charge up the battery packs directly with your  24 volt dc power supply? testing voltage at the battery pack as you charge the battery.  
  you seem to have a 7s 4p setup which can take XX.X volts(correct voltage 25.9)
proceed at your own risk method not tested (bull in china shop method)
im wanting to run it threw the charge controller for protection, i have a bunch more battery packs to connect in, 7s 80p is what im going for to start with, i have enough to do 7p 16s, and i want to run test runs, how long does the fan run on battery, how long does it take to recharge with 5a. ect. trying to scale the numbers up since if i understand my panel numbers. ill have 16a max and my charge controller is a max of 20a. but for some reason the charge controller wont see the power supply as a panel
just realized I over stated the 7 s voltage should be 25.9 volts
I see what you are trying to do now. please disregard my previous post.
later floyd

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