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strange request
can anyone say for sure that the DPS5015 will work? i dont want to waste 50$ is there a way to test whats causing mine to not work?

100% for sure? No, probably not. But it will likely work. It won't though if the problem is somewhere else in your system. I have just realized you have 24V panels. They probably can't replaced by a 24V power supply anyway, the voltage is too low. 24V panels usually have something like ~38Voc and ~30Vmp, don't they? You should take a look at the specs of your panels.

Also remember that the DPS5015 is a buck converter, its output will alway the less than the input. If you want to put out 30V you will have to put in more than 30V into the DPS5015. Ruideng, the company who makes these, says the ratio should be at least 1,1 so you need at least a 33V input to get your 30V output. With current limited to ~8A you need a 300W power supply capable of producing at least 33V. You could try to use your 24V power supply first to power the DPS5015 and then feed your solar controller with a really low voltage of ~22V but I can only guess if that would work.
Does your solar controller support 12V as well? If so, you could connect a ~12V battery and feed it with ~16/17V (Vmp for a 12V panel) from the DPS5015 which in turn can then be powered by the 24V power supply you already have. It won't be like your final setup but at least you could start and try something.
it does support 12v, only thing i noticed tho was that at 12v using a 4s setup, they dont last long. and at 3s i have to run the batteries at ~4v that is why i ended up choosing the 24v setup, i do have a step-down on my output to bring it to 12v, so i can use my cheap car inverter instead of buying a 200$+ inverter, and they seem to last a lot longer. so im thinking i could just buy a 30v charger or should i go with something around 35v  like

Yes, the voltage ranges aren't ideal, but at least you could start with something. You've done the right thing and went for 24V, but for testing purposes 12V will work as well and you only need the DPS5015. For 24V you need something like the powersupply you've linked and the DPS5015 (or some of the smaller ones like DPS5005, you can't use all its power anyway), watch for its total power though. It's a rather small one.
Hey Just a thought I do know that most are not current limited. so u have a 20amp controller over current your power-supply. because your charge controller trys to pull max a solar panel can put out. well a psu will just put out till it dies unless its current limited. you can buy a cheap cc-cv psu on amazon for like 10 bucks. that is what i use anyway.
would you be able to link to one of the 10ish cc-cv psu? all im finding is 300$ psu
I've been charging my batteries with a 7201a boost converter and using a laptop/generic brick power supply. it's not a permanent method but it works well as you can limit the current.
(09-16-2017, 12:38 AM)slayer200230 Wrote: would you be able to link to one of the 10ish cc-cv psu? all im finding is 300$ psu

You can find them on Amazon, eBay, GearBest, Banggood...Look around depending on where you want to shop. They are just smaller and therefore cheaper variations of the DPS5015 you've already found. What CaptFullbird suggested is the same what we've already established and what you we're going to try anyway.
oh i see, was thinking there was an all in one solution for 10$ , i follow now. sorry for the confusion

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