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the "this sounds like a fun project" powerwall (in Belgium)
Already an idea on the fire suppressing material you plan on using?
To be honest... No Sad
I've been between soldering like a madman, some other hobbies, work but most importantly some illness in the family for the last few weeks.

I completed pack 1 - 14 like 2 weeks ago, but haven't found the free time to start setting it all up yet.
I have some last parts coming in on Tuesday for the changes to my electrical distribution board.
Solar panels are also on the way, will be another 2 weeks or so...

I'm leaning towards constructing my own shelves, while keeping an eye out for a suitable cabinet.
There is still some discussion ongoing with my wife about the location of the batteries themselves, being either inside in the attic or outside on our terrace (in some weatherproof housing).

I'll certainly order some extra smoke/fire detectors to go inside the battery room/cabinet.
Do you have some recommendations, @bvh?
Batteries harvested: 2500+ / Cells tested: 2266 (Average: 2357 mAh)
Usable 1800+ mAh batteries: 1943 (78 %) / Cells in production: 0 (00 %) -> soon 1680 =14S 2x60P (67%)


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