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what do you do if a single cell dies?
Hey everyone,

over last year i repaired a lot of small li-ion powered products by replacing dead cells.
for small products like vacuum cleaner replacing single cells is not much work.

but i was wondering what you guys with powerwalls do if one or more cells die?
can your bms compensate this till a specific point or do you need to search for the cell and completely disassemble your pack to replace the sell?
both hbpowerwall & daromer has shown us how to replace cells in a pack. I even remember seeing a video about the subject.
Go and check these two Guys Smile


Om mobile so cant fancy link
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haha thanks for the hints, will take a look at them

one more question about this (if its in the videos please tell me where ^^)

how would the powerall act if one cell dies... does the whole system fail? just one pack?
does the bms detect that and shut down the back?
If a single cell dies then nothing would happen for the short term. It's one on many cells in parallel, if it fails short the fuse would blow and that module would continue operation with less capacity.

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