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Hellonasty's 18650 adventures
Hi all,

I thought I would create a thread to document by various ventures with 18650 cells. Currently I have three smallish projects, which are below, and I intend on buying some Solar panels and a wind turbine pretty soon and that will be more of a major extended project that I will continue to add to. Before I can get started on the major project I need to finish building my garden shed so I can house the project Smile 

1. Electric scooter, battery pack in progress.
2. Vehicle Jump starter using 18650s
3. Powerbank

What electronic components you need to do a Vehicle Jump starter using 18650s?
I would like to make one too Smile
Usually Vehicle Jump Starters are made with lifepo4 batteries, because of higher maximum continuous discharging current, of course there are li-ion or li-po batteries with high discharging current. Some Lifepo use to have 30 c discharge rate. 

To start a car you may need 3 times or more amps than your battery size, if the battery of your car is 70Ah can take a peak of 200Amps when starting. So to make a vehicle jump starter you only need such batteries in parallel to power that amount of amps only for a few seconds and of course a large gauge cable to support 200Ah at 12v. 

About electronics you don't need any electronics, as any pack of batteries in serial use some BMS while charging to ballance cells, of course you can use some electronic to protect for undervoltage but one that support such current may be expensive.

Thanks for the info. I saw many people use LiPo's to make a jump starter and for obvious reasons, they are small and produce high current. I habe decided to use 18650s only because I have access to a great quantity and they codt me next to nothing Smile Plus I really like 18650s and I need exprience building packs

I could go down the 2660 Lifepo4 path but that would be pretty expensive probably $200 while 18650s will cost me $20.. hmm I dunno. I see LifeP04 have 70a discharge.
Another option, is you could include some super caps. The highest draw is during the initial .5 second or so, which the caps could handle. They'd recharge really quickly, too. That way the cells dont get the blunt of the amp draw.

Although, I dont know how long the cells would last before needing recharge, or being replaced.
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Bit of an update with how I'm progressing;

I have managed to secure a stable supply of good quality used laptop batteries and I'm getting them for a reasonable price. I'm busy processing cells at the moment I have at least 120 laptop batteries I have yet to open and I have a good 600 Processed cells and another 200 ready to be Processed. This means for th he foreseeable future I will be processing cells constantly.

Below is a picture of the simple setup I'm using to process the cells and also a shot of some of the pleasing results from this lot of batteries. This lot contained a heap of Panasonic cells and they are testing up good so far.

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