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In Florida, USA, it is Illegal to be disconnected from the grid....
#11 This is true. I agree. But, for those who actually "know" how everything is installed knew they could just flip the mains breaker. I'm guessing (and severely so) that there are plenty of customers who say "I want solar powering my house!", pay to have it installed, and have absolutely no idea how it fully works. These are the people FPL wrote that section about, I'm sure. They are the dangerous customers who don't know any better for what ever reason.
Personally, I would of just say "Phhtt, what ever" go out and flip the mains breaker, or if need be, disconnect the power from their box and wired it into the secondary panel. There are plenty of people I'm sure who did just that. Then when the power came back on, they rewired it or turned on their gridtie system.

It's the ignorant people we have to watch out for. And it's those people that stupid laws, regulations, statutes are made for.
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I agree... It's the same kind of dumb argument in Tennessee about municipal fiber, it's just a market paid for by the ISPs in the state to keep fiber optic internet from being widespread. TVA(the local provider) is also just as bad for solar power. They can't pay anything for our power we sell back, but we can surely take it for free once your bill runs back to nothing. In the mean time, they use the credits the federal government gives them to build more solar farms therefor leaving you, the consumer, without a choice.

I honestly like the idea of the second disconnect myself, sure you can flip the main breaker but to me being a newbie for this arena I figured I would apply a small amount of common sense if I was going to be making a statement. Sure, a secondary disconnect is completely legal, but when I got to thinking about it.. there's nothing that says you can't make that rasp pi controlled so that you can flip to grid to charge when the rates are lower xD
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I'm in NW Florida and currently working with GoSolar Program trying to get a system installed. I'm getting very hard push back trying to get a system with a battery. I found this video on the SolarEdge website that describes the exact configuration I want.

GoSolar is telling me this isn't legal in Florida???

I'd sure appreciate any feedback.
Tim, I'm not really sure. I haven't done any of this through a commercial installer. I would recommend going to several different solar installers and ask them if it's possible. If they say it's not legal in Fl, then ask for the Statute that states this. Don't just go on their word.
I do know that installing Battery systems takes a different certification on the installers part. If they aren't certified to do it, they may say "Oh, it's not legal" instead of actually saying "Oh, we're not certified to do that". They are trying to get your business, so they may employ the shady car dealer mentality at times, unfortunately.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
Dollar Shave Club. Best Razor I've ever used
Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician

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