Vanon sucks and here is my story.


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Feb 26, 2020
After buying 2 of the EBM1815 Hitachi batteries (THISS 18650HTR cells)from Vanon, I soon realized that I got screwed. I immediately tried to charge them without success. One of the batteries registered like a broken battery on my charger and the other registered full. So I bought a different, OEM Hitachi charger and same results. I decided tousethe batteries and then open them up. Only one worked in my drill and lasted about 10 minutes. When I opened them up, I saw the ugly brown cells that I didn't recognize.They were labeled THISS 18650HTR. The cells inside the battery that registered as "broken" were all testing at under 2v. The cells from the battery that tested "full" were all under 3v. I was able to charge and discharge all batteries and the results were all under 1200mAh. A few were in the 800mAh range. These batteries were only a few weeks old when I tested them. And by the way, this was all after I had been going back and forth emailing the Vanon company, who first said they would replace them. Then after several more emails, they told me to take a video of the batteries on charger and in drill. I took the videos, but there was no option to upload them, it was greyed out. After several times explaining this to them and asking what to do, they never answered me again. SoI wrote a review on the BBB website. This company is nothing but a bunch of scammers that make cheap products and sell them with no intention of ever replacing them. The only good thing to come of my experience was that I have 2 Hitachi battery pack shells, now filled with Panasonic 18650's and lasting FOREVER in my tools! I hope this post saves at least 1 person some $$ and some headaches!






May 22, 2019
reminds me of a neighbor that bought a vanon pack off ebay for a dewalt.
he calls me and tells me the pack is wet and smells like juicyfruit gum.
a leaker.
he got the runaround and had to get refunded by ebay.
later i gutted it and installed 10 hg2's.
its working fine with those.
the cells were unidentifiable with the typical long barcode and alphabet soup code.
there is a thread somewhere on here about vanon sending "golden samples" to a member for review.