18650 Lithium Ion Batteries - question about pricing (Central Oregon, USA)

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New member
Nov 3, 2021
I have a couple hundred used laptop batteries, a few discarded drill battery packs and 2 discarded e-bike battery packs. Additionally, I have approximately 500 cells that I've already harvested from a fore mentioned devices.

I have done some searching on ebay for the various part numbers on the laptop battery packs and found prices ranging from $0.99/pack to well over $50/pack for used/recovery only packs. Lots of 5 going for $40 to $80. Some with free shipping others with shipping paid by buyer. I cannot see any rhythm or reason for the pricing.

I'm here asking all you fine folks what a reasonable price would be.

Any suggestions or recommendations for other places to do further research would be welcome.

Thank you


Jun 22, 2021
I'm aiming for a price of 0.25€ per cell or lower, including all fees like shipping. I also only go for Laptop batteries, as anything else is super hard to get in my region.


Mar 14, 2021

Are my go to places. Other than that I slowly build relationships with local repair shops and recyclers and get waste batteries for free or usually $1/lb from the recycler to stay in their good side of saving stuff for me. Ebay is not a good place to find deals for cells but if you are looking for specific tool packages to rebuild I shop there and prices are very brand specific. Tool batteries are usually really hard to disassemble and have low capacity cells which have been abused so unless I specifically want high output in small space I stay away.